Monday, 5 July 2010

Ani-anihan Festival of Brgy. Dos Hermanas, Talisay

     Philippines, being a religious country celebrates feasts to honor their patron saints for protecting or giving them a a bountiful harvest. I happened to witness a small town's celebration called the Ani-anihan Festival.
     Hacienda Sta. Teresita celebrates their Ani-anihan Festival every 28th and 29th of May. It is one of the haciendas in Brgy. Dos Hermanas  Talisay City, located 15 kilometers east of the city proper.
     "Ani" means harvest therefore "ani-anihan" is all about the village's abundant harvest of their primary crop which is rice and sugarcane.
     This year is the festival's second year and the organizer is hoping that their small town's celebration will be given recognition not only from their local government but from the other countries as well. A street dance competition depicting their bountiful harvest is the highlight of the said celebration.