Friday, 3 December 2010

Brake Job Confusion

     Dad was leaving the garage in his car when I saw him early this morning.  I quickly called out to him to ask where he is going.  He replied in a hurry that he was on his way to the auto shop. He was having problem with the brakes on his car, in short his good old car needs a brake job.  I instantly shouted, "Okay!" having no idea what he is talking about. I love cars, I love riding in flashy cars and dreaming of having a Chevrolet Silverado 2011 or  GMC Sierra someday.  But when it comes to the engines or anything about car mechanics, I admit that I know nothing. I cant even perfect my driving skills.
    What I did was, turned on my computer, launched a web browser and asked Mr. Google about brake jobs.  A brake job usually involves replacing or checking brake linings, brake disc linings and brake drums, adding new or checking brake fluids, resurfacing the rotors and drums and checking for worn out parts.  Then I immediately checked how much a brake job cost.  My eyeballs almost popped out of my eyes after seeing the amount.  Aside from the cost of labor, sometimes a simple repair wont do, you'll have to buy a new  parts to replace the old defective parts.  My, it isn't easy maintaining a car. 
     Good thing Mr. Google was there to answer all the questions I have in mind.  Also I came across this website on one of the search results which I think would be very helpful to car owners, WWW.REPAIRPAL.COM.  You can find a lot of helpful information on this site.  You can search for shop near you, gives you estimate cost for a repair and has frequently asked questions for common car problems.  They also have a search bar where you can just type any keyword for your search, example Dallas auto repair if you are residing in Dallas and looking for the nearest repair shop in your area.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Furry Saturday

Earlier today I attended to my cousin Ryan's sons baptism. Yes two sons, Raine and Anthony. Ella and me was supposed to go Iloilo for the Visayan Blogging Summit unfortunately due to financial reason we cannot make it there. But its still okay for I was able to see my relatives in Hinigaran. It was quite long since I last visited them and I'm sure they would be very happy to see me. Together with my family and Ella we went to Hinigaran to attend our relatives baptismal. It was half past 12:00 when we arrived and in time for lunch. Everyone is already hunger. We were surprised that they prepared so many foods for a handful of visitors. There were roasted pig, sweet and sour pork, menudo, beef in mushroom and broccolli, fried lumpia, orange chicken... the list goes on. It was Raine's 3rd birthday also so we had cake and gelo for dessert. When everybody was full, champagne and red wine was served to the visitors. I sipped a glass of champagne while playing with their American pug Bravo. They have two more dogs; their German Shepherd Shasha and their brown Chihuahua Chikito. I was not able to take photos of Shasha and Chikito. Amongst the three Bravo got the most attention because of its wrinkled face and playfulness.
According to a book I've read about dogs, the Pug is oldest breed of dogs and was traced back before 400 B.C. According to researchers, it must have come from Asia because due to its similarities to a Pekingese. The Pugs must have came from China because monks from the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet made them pets.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Canon Shoot & Run Photo Challenge Photos

Last Saturday I had a chance to be one of the participants of Canon dHUB 1st year anniversary Shoot & Run 2010 photo challenge. This is open to all professionals and amateurs photograhers. Three themes were given: Beauty of Bacolod, Spiritual or Cultural and Fashion in Motion. I'm sharing some of the photos that I took during the competition.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Canon dHUB Bacolod Turns One

     Run, run, run and shoot for Canon dHUB photo challenge last November 20 held in SM City Bacolod. The event kicked off with the registration of participants of the event in front  of the Canon store. During the registration, some freebies were given away together with Canon t-shirt and an I.D. Before the contest proper, instructions to the participants on what to do and not to do during the contest proper. There were three themes in the challenge and the participants given 1 hour and 30 minutes on every theme. The participants must submit the best taken photo in the canon dHUB station as a entry in every theme. The themes were;  Beauty of Bacolod, Cultural and Spiritual and Fashion in motion..

Friday, 19 November 2010

Photo Friday : A Friday of No Theme

This photo was taken over a year ago, September 13, 2009 to be exact in Mambucal Mountain Resort. This day is my mamu's birthday and our first monthsarry together. We spent the whole day going around the resort and getting to know more about each other.

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Plants Vs Zombies Addiction

     I played Plants vs Zombies during my past time or if I have nothing to do. It was almost six months ago when I started playing it.  I finished the Adventure mode to unlock the other three modes.  My Zen garden now have different kinds of plants that produces coins and my Wisdom tree is 1,500 feet tall.  The most thrilling and exciting mode to play is the Survival endless.  To defend my home from getting the zombies to eat my brain, I planned my defense strategy carefully.

The Lawn:
  • I purchased 2 pool cleaners and a garden rake for additional defense.
  • First row from the house, 2 twin sunflowers and 2 umbrella leafs to protect you plants from bungees and catapults.
  • Second row, 4 gloom-shrooms againts digger xombies and imps.
  • Third row, 4 winter melons to slow down the zombies.
  • Fourth row, 2 winter melons and 2 gloom shrooms.
  • 5th and 6th row, 4 deadly corn cobs.
  • 7th row, spike rocks, ice-shrooms or fume-shrooms.
The Pool:
  • First to fourth row - corn cobs.
  • Fifth row - twin sunflowers.
  • Sixth row - 2 cattails.
  • 6 gloom-shrooms on the remaining rows.
     I am already on my 1000th flags and still hoping to make it to 5000 flags.  My favorite plants is the cattail because its can shoot any lane whether it be on the ground,air or water.  My most hated zombie is the jack-in-the-box because when it explodes it destroys all nearby plants.
     I so loove playing this game so i will continue to kick zombies in their butt if they step on my lawn! And did you know that the world boxing champ Manny Paquiao play Plants vs Zombies too?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Baby Ramsie

    Once again my father and  stepmom became proud parents when the newest addition to the Pineda family was brought forth to this world last November 6, 2010 in Bacolod City.
      I only received the good news when I arrived from my San Carlos trip.
     Your parents, brothers and sisters welcomed you to this world and as you grow up we will always be there on your side to guide you and will give you all the love and care that you needed.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

San Carlos City Pintaflores Festival 2010

     Last weekend, November 5 to be exact, I had a chance to witnessed one of Negros Occidental's colorful celebration, the Pintaflores Festival. Like many other festivity around the country, Pintaflores is a street and ritual dance parade depicting the victory of good against evil and thanksgiving for the bountiful blessings.

     It was around mid noon when we arrived in San Carlos City, the sun was way over our head and burning our skin but that did not stop us from enjoying the merriment. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the dancers lavished and colorful costume that looked like giant flowers. 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Masskara Dance Parade 2010

     October is the month of celebration for Bacolod City. This is the month for the annual Masskara Festival.
     Kari na sa Bacolod, magtan-aw Masskara or Come to Bacolod , watch Masskara is often seen on the TV or hear over the radio to promote the city's colorful celebration.
      I am from the nearby city of Bacolod and this is my first time to witness the street dance parade on the street.
     I left my family on one of the malls in the city and I met with Ella who's already on the street of Araneta eagerly awaiting for the dance parade to begin.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Photo Friday : Colours

This is my entry for PF's theme Colours. This picture was taken during our Boracay vacation last July. =)

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Look

Good day!
I'm working on my blog's new lay-out right. I will try to post updates as soon as I can.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Im Back...

Hey guys, it's been a while that I haven't been around to update my blog. Been busy lately.
Now that I'm back I'll make sure to update my blog =).

Monday, 20 September 2010

Patag: Nature at its best

Another hidden paradise that Negros Occidental can proud of would be Brgy. Patag. It is unique from the other mountain resorts. Why? Because you only need to walk or trek 15 minutes then you'll find yourself in the heart of a virgin forest.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Boracay: World's Best Beach Destination

When you hear the word Boracay, what is the first thing the comes into your mind? Sun, white sand, waves, bikinis and parties are some of the words to describe this paradise island.
I have been to Boracay several times and not to mention I used to work on one of the resorts there for over a year. This year I had a chance of coming back together with my two brothers, Ruel and Mhirosa.

Getting There.
It was a long trip from Bacolod City to Boracay island. First, you take a fast craft to Iloilo City  for about 60 minutes. Then, frm Iloilo port proceed directly to Tagbac terminal where can choose either you take a bus or van for hire going to Caticlan.Travel time is about 5 and a half to 6 hours depending on how frequent they picked up passengers along the way. The bus or van will drop you off in front of  Jetty Port  in Caticlan where motorized boats awaits to take visitors and locals across the island. Last stop will be Cagban Port. You can hire tricycles (motorcycles with side car) for P100 to bring you to your resort.

First time in Boracay, excited to explore the island

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ms. Philippines Maria Venus Raj: Ms. Universe 4th Runner Up

     The last time our country almost had the Ms. Universe title was way back 1999 when Ms. Philippines Miriam Quiambao landed as 1st runner up. I'm not really fond of watching beauty pageants but the reason why I decided to watch Ms. Universe 2010 is to show my support to our candidate Maria Venus Raj. This lady almost didn't make it to the pageant due to some issues that were resolved just in time she flew to compete in Las Vegas.
    Honestly, I felt proud when I heard the host announced that the 15th spot goes to Ms. Philippines. Then make it to top 10 eventually made it to top 5, being the only Asian who landed a spot. She handled herself perfectly well and confident enough that she could bring home the crown.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

cont... A Weekend Vacation Worth to Remember

   On our third and last day. We were planning to go to Laguna for an Enchanted Kingdom 'gala', but unfortunately Nanay had an attacked of her abdominal pains. We were about to cancel it but Nanay insisted on going and not to spoil our short vacation. So we ended up somewhere near and that was Star City so that they could also come along.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Weekend Vacation Worth to Remember

My brother and his girlfriend had a weekend blast last August 14-16, 2010 in Manila so I asked them to share their wonderful experience.

    Dy and I went to Manila for a short vacation. It was Dy's first time to fly with an airplane (as what he told me). We were both excited.
     As we arrived in Manila, we went straight to Delpan, Tondo where my nanay (mom) stays.
     For our first night, Tatay (dad) and Dy had a bonding-drinking session together. Well, the beautiful me was with Nanay taking care of her because 'fyi', she just came out of the hospital on that same day. =(

Friday, 6 August 2010

Where to Stay in Bacolod

When in Bacolod, there are plenty of accommodations that you can choose from that would suit your budget.
If you are planning on going to Bacolod for the 31st Masskara Festival, it is advised to book your accommodation at an early date for it would be very hard to find one during the celebration.

Here is an updated list of hotels, pension houses and inns gathered from different Bacolod sites. Hope you find this could help.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bacolod Masskara Festival 2010 Schedule

The 'ber' month is just around the corner and in Bacolod when you say October only one thing comes into our mind, the Masskara Festival. One of the most colorful and longest celebration in the country which showcases the Negrenses creativity and ingenuity in times of economic crisis.
Now on it's 31st year, the City of Smiles will once again come to life with vibrant color, street dancing and merry making.

Here is the month long schedule for the 31st Masskara Festival:

October 1       Opening of the Festival Site
* Public Plaza
* SM MassKara Village
October 9MassKara Queen
* University of St. La Salle Coliseum
October 15Electric MassKara
* Tourism Strip, Lacson St.
October 16MassKara Street Dance Competition – School Category
* Araneta St. to Public Plaza
Electric MassKara
* Tourism Strip, Lacson St.
October 17MassKara Street Dance Competition – Barangay Category
* Araneta St. to Public Plaza
October 18Countdown to the Charter Day Giant Street Party Celebration
* New Government Center
October 1973rd Charter Day Anniversary

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ani-anihan Festival of Brgy. Dos Hermanas, Talisay

     Philippines, being a religious country celebrates feasts to honor their patron saints for protecting or giving them a a bountiful harvest. I happened to witness a small town's celebration called the Ani-anihan Festival.
     Hacienda Sta. Teresita celebrates their Ani-anihan Festival every 28th and 29th of May. It is one of the haciendas in Brgy. Dos Hermanas  Talisay City, located 15 kilometers east of the city proper.
     "Ani" means harvest therefore "ani-anihan" is all about the village's abundant harvest of their primary crop which is rice and sugarcane.
     This year is the festival's second year and the organizer is hoping that their small town's celebration will be given recognition not only from their local government but from the other countries as well. A street dance competition depicting their bountiful harvest is the highlight of the said celebration.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Malatan-og Falls: A Hideout in Don Salvador Benedicto

     While on our way home from San Carlos City, our driver gave us a chance to have a stop over in Malatan-og Falls view deck in Brgy. Kumaliskis, Don Salvador Benedicto. I've been passing this road before but hadn't got to linger cause of  little time.
     It's summertime but the temperature is cooler because the place is already high up in the mountain. The falls is about 100 meters high and you can trek all the way down to the falls in 30 to 45 minutes but the water is so inviting that surely repays the tiresome trek.. 
     I will surely come back here and will certainly try trekking all the way to the falls and dip on its refreshing water.

Malatan-og Falls in the middle of summer

Taking a closer look of the falls using a binocular.

The View Deck

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sipaway Island: Escape to San Carlos

      When I was still with my previous company, we always planned to go to Sipaway but never had the chance cause of the changing schedule of our work. So when my colleagues decided to have our team building there, everyone agreed.
     Sipaway is a small island on the east of San Carlos City. If your coming from Bacolod, it is an hour and a half drive via Don Salvador and 15 minutes ride on a motorize boat. The island is roughly seven (7) kilometers long and 3.5 kilometers wide.
     We stayed in La Basilia Resort which is a few meters away from the port we docked.The resort have several rooms for overnight stay and can accommodate up to 10 persons. Electricity on the island is available from 5-11:00 pm only so be sure to bring emergency lights with you.
     The water is clear crystal blue and clean teaming with different kinds of marine life like starfish, sea grass, and colorful fishes to name some.Not only that, the resort has white sandy beach and plenty of green vegetations around the resort.

                                     San Carlos City taken from Sipaway Island

With my team mates, having fun under the super hot sun 

Posing for more pictures =)

     We had a great time during our one night stay on the island. We hadn't the chance to go around the island but the bonding moments and the memories we had is enough to savor the totality of the place.
     Best place to getaway from the hurly-burly city life.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lakawon Island: Cadiz Pride

If you're looking for a white sandy beach not too far away from Bacolod city, then this sand bar is the answer. Located off the coast of Cadiz Viejo, this thirteen (13) hectare island is popularly called Lakawon Island.

Getting There.
From Bacolod City,you can get there by taking a bus on Ceres north terminal in Shopping. Going to Kaduhaan would take you approximately 1 hour then you get down on crossing Martisan. Take a tricycle to Cadiz Viejo port where a motor boat owned by the resort awaits to take you to the island.

The Island.
This is my first time to set foot on the island that rises a few meters above sea level.. Pretty much excited cause the say it can be compared to Boracay.
The sand is white. Only that it is made of coarse corals unlike the sands of Boracay which is powdery white. The resort is roughly three (3) hectares in area, with plenty of coconut, talisay trees and some trees that grows on the sea shore. 
It was October when we went there so I'm not expecting a lot of visitors on the island. We're the only guest on the resort (hahaha). Not much of recreational activities as well so we spent the whole day sleeping under the shade of the trees, picture taking, and swimming. The marine life found around the island makes it perfect for snorkeling.
They have their own restaurant as well. Prices of the food on the menu is quite high if you're on a tight budget cause fresh ingredients came from the mainland but the taste of the food is still homey.
A generator provided the electricity on the resort and starts from 5:00 to 9:30 pm. The resort has no bar so don't expect any nightlife because the owner decided to keep it that way to preserve the island. If you're looking for a peaceful, quiet, perfect relaxation and a romantic getaway then come to Lakawon island.


  • Bus fare (Bacolod to Cadiz Viejo)      around P60
  • tricycle fare to the boat port               P100
  • Boat fare (provided by the resort)       round trip  P600
  • Aircon rooms ( 2-8 pax)                    ranges from P1,800 - P2,500
  • Non aircon rooms                             from P700 - P1,400

Lakawon Island from afar



Panay island on the other side of the island

Lakawon Island Beach Resort
Location: Cadiz Viejo, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental
Contact Nos. Tel: (034) 433-0808 / 434-7737

Friday, 14 May 2010

First ever ever ever post

Hurray! Finally my ever first post on my blog. Just started my blog after years of convincing myself of having a blog. I don't have any specific niche to concentrate with but I will try if I can survive since my English grammar and composition is not that good (laughing out loud) Thanks for my friend Audrey Rose, owner of, for always nagging me (kidding!) for putting my own weblog.
So here it is, the beginning of a hopeful journey. =) Ciao!