Friday, 3 December 2010

Brake Job Confusion

     Dad was leaving the garage in his car when I saw him early this morning.  I quickly called out to him to ask where he is going.  He replied in a hurry that he was on his way to the auto shop. He was having problem with the brakes on his car, in short his good old car needs a brake job.  I instantly shouted, "Okay!" having no idea what he is talking about. I love cars, I love riding in flashy cars and dreaming of having a Chevrolet Silverado 2011 or  GMC Sierra someday.  But when it comes to the engines or anything about car mechanics, I admit that I know nothing. I cant even perfect my driving skills.
    What I did was, turned on my computer, launched a web browser and asked Mr. Google about brake jobs.  A brake job usually involves replacing or checking brake linings, brake disc linings and brake drums, adding new or checking brake fluids, resurfacing the rotors and drums and checking for worn out parts.  Then I immediately checked how much a brake job cost.  My eyeballs almost popped out of my eyes after seeing the amount.  Aside from the cost of labor, sometimes a simple repair wont do, you'll have to buy a new  parts to replace the old defective parts.  My, it isn't easy maintaining a car. 
     Good thing Mr. Google was there to answer all the questions I have in mind.  Also I came across this website on one of the search results which I think would be very helpful to car owners, WWW.REPAIRPAL.COM.  You can find a lot of helpful information on this site.  You can search for shop near you, gives you estimate cost for a repair and has frequently asked questions for common car problems.  They also have a search bar where you can just type any keyword for your search, example Dallas auto repair if you are residing in Dallas and looking for the nearest repair shop in your area.