Saturday, 27 November 2010

Furry Saturday

Earlier today I attended to my cousin Ryan's sons baptism. Yes two sons, Raine and Anthony. Ella and me was supposed to go Iloilo for the Visayan Blogging Summit unfortunately due to financial reason we cannot make it there. But its still okay for I was able to see my relatives in Hinigaran. It was quite long since I last visited them and I'm sure they would be very happy to see me. Together with my family and Ella we went to Hinigaran to attend our relatives baptismal. It was half past 12:00 when we arrived and in time for lunch. Everyone is already hunger. We were surprised that they prepared so many foods for a handful of visitors. There were roasted pig, sweet and sour pork, menudo, beef in mushroom and broccolli, fried lumpia, orange chicken... the list goes on. It was Raine's 3rd birthday also so we had cake and gelo for dessert. When everybody was full, champagne and red wine was served to the visitors. I sipped a glass of champagne while playing with their American pug Bravo. They have two more dogs; their German Shepherd Shasha and their brown Chihuahua Chikito. I was not able to take photos of Shasha and Chikito. Amongst the three Bravo got the most attention because of its wrinkled face and playfulness.
According to a book I've read about dogs, the Pug is oldest breed of dogs and was traced back before 400 B.C. According to researchers, it must have come from Asia because due to its similarities to a Pekingese. The Pugs must have came from China because monks from the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet made them pets.

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  1. ang cute ng pug..... someday may ara ko na...